Direct Measurement GHG Offset Products

PEM’s affiliate, Planet Alpha Corp., offers directly measured project offsets to all buyers of voluntary and compliance offsets. Direct measurement of land use changes and net flux of greenhouse gasses define Scope 1 and 3 criteria for reliable and verifiable environmental, social and governance objectives (ESG) and reporting.

Projects are defined initially by remote imagery of the land use types and areas. AI and machine learning are employed to report changes in land use on a biannual schedule.

In addition, in-country sensors for CO2, CH4, and N2O flux over the project areas defined in the first step are deployed to capture the dynamic net flux of greenhouse gases. Direct measurement removes much of the uncertainty inherent in estimation protocols and accommodates the triarchy of anthropogenic GHGs and other Kyoto gases (SF6, HFCs, PFCs), that cannot be realistically included with traditional protocols.

Direct measurement employs QC/QA checks at 30″ intervals based on shared international third-party standards and references. All sensors are comparable across all locations.

An automated intelligent sensor reporting architecture, the System of Systems, collects data, performs additional checks, makes calculations, and reports monetized product information on an hourly basis. Authorized system and project users access a project dashboard for summary project data.